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22-May-2014 Title Bout Championship Boxing Merchandise Released

We have just released Title Bout Championship Boxing Merchandise enabling you to buy a T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, mug, mouse mat and many other items sporting the Title Bout logo. Profilts from these purchases will go towards the development of the game, so not only will you look cool in the gym, but you will be helping fund future releases of the game!

Click here to browse the shop.

31-Mar-2014 Title Bout Championship Boxing v1.4 Released

We have just released version 1.4 of Title Bout Championship Boxing which includes a number of fixes and tweaks. You should see a notice when you next start the game on Windows, Mac or Linux. Mobile versions for iPad, Android and Kindle are under review and will be released shortly.

Click here to read more about this update.

16-Jan-2014 Title Bout Championship Boxing Released on Amazon Apps for Android

We are proud to announce that Title Bout Championship Boxing in now available on the Kindle and other Amazon based Android devices. It is on sale for $2.00 in the Amazon Apps for Android store.

Click here to buy the game.

06-Jan-2014 Title Bout Championship Boxing Released on Android

We are proud to announce that Title Bout Championship Boxing in now available on Android tablets. It is on sale for $1.99 in the Google Play Store.

Click here to buy the game.

20-Dec-2013 Title Bout Championship Boxing Released on iPad

We are proud to announce that Title Bout Championship Boxing in now available on the iPad. It is on sale for $1.99 in the Apple AppStore.

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29-Nov-2013 Title Bout Championship Boxing Sale

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, we've reduced the price of Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 to just $9.99, a 50% savings, until 31st December 2013. If you own a previous version of the game, the previously offered 50% savings still apply, so you'll be able to get it for a mere $4.99.

Click here to buy the game.

12-Jly-2013 Title Bout Championship Boxing Update Released

Today we released Verison 1.2 which is the first public update for Title Bout Championship Boxing. You can download it from your webstore account for by following the in-game update message next time you start the game.

This upldate sees a number of changes:

  • fixed bug where 2nd fighter was always assigned generic trainer
  • fixed blank frame showing between rounds
  • changed tournament, fight card and RCG images
  • fixed organisation crash after new game created
  • fixed min number of rounds selection from 2 to 3
  • improved keyboard monitoring
  • fighter search text now mentions year
  • graphical tweaks
  • added reloading language names with previous saved games
  • fixed slow window updating on Macs
  • filter out < and > in person get picture
  • fixed fighter hp range
  • fixed round robin schedules all on same day
  • fixed crash where game imported with invalid fighter cutmen
  • fixed bug where fighter would not disguard changes
  • fixed bug where fighters skin colour was invalid
  • fixed automatic loading of backup game
  • fixed crash caused by dangling group link in fighter record
  • stopped game quiting if fullscreen mode fails
  • added f9 screenshots
  • fixed scorecard editing with 15 round fights
  • added check to scorecard edits to make sure they are valid
  • fixed crash where generic records deleted
  • fixed black scrollbar on graphics when window too small
  • updated credits
  • added help link
  • added fighter list searching by year
  • fixed autoscheduler deleting more than one selected bout
  • improved RCG's
  • improved feedback when sheduler playing repeats
  • fixed RFG first names using wrong nationality
  • fixed rfg boxer style and default career stage
  • fixed rfg setting both ratings to default
  • fixed style not changing on fighters list
  • fixed nation "3" bug
  • fixed crash in fight card after de-selecting title fight
  • stopped fight card coping title when copying main settings
  • fight card date now copied to individual fights
  • tournament date now copied to individual fights
  • fixed 100% CPU error on Mac
  • fixed mac scollbar
  • fixed image paths on imported html files
  • ensured default rating preserved when updating from pool
  • added fighter copy option
  • added nationality column to cornerman
  • made fight judges, refs and venue persistant between fights
  • fixed RCG default pic of pre-fight screen
  • sdfixed bug where sheduling active fighters selected retired instead

10-Jun-2013 Title Bout Championship Boxing Released

We are proud to announce that Title Bout Championship Boxing has been released. It is on sale for $19.99 with a $10 discount for anyone who has bought a previous version of the game.

Click here to buy the game.

20-May-2013 Title Bout Championship Boxing Preordering

We are proud to announce that Title Bout Championship Boxing is now available for pre-ordering. Anyone pre-ordering the game will be giving access to the latest Beta build.

Click here for more information.

20-May-2013 TBCB Sold to PISD

Out of the Park Developments Announces the Sale of Title Bout Championship Boxing to P.I.S.D. Ltd.

Click here for more information.

16-Apr-2013 Screenshots Released

Here are a selection of screenshots from Beta build 8, which is getting very close to release.

You can view them here.

06-Nov-2012 TBCB 2013 Future

Beta testing has started in November 2013, and for those of you not on the Beta team here is a small insight into the future of Title Bout Championship Boxing..

You can see the preview here.

13-Jun-2012 TBCB 2013 Fight Preview

Here is a sample fight from TBCB 2013 showing the new look fight in action.

You can see the preview here.

26-Oct-2011 First TBCB 2013 Bout

Hurray! TBCB 2013 has just created its first bout report using the 2.5 fight engine. It was between two randomly picked fighters with all the settings at defaults. This has marked a very important milestone in the development of TBCB 2013!

You can read the bout report here.

28-Sep-2011 First Skin Graphics

Woohoo! after many emails with mockups and alterations I have the first skin graphics hooked into the game. Its amazing how different it feels with a decent, all beit partial at present, graphical skin.

06-Sep-2011 Meeting in Germany

I flew over to Germany to meet with OOTP Developments to discuss all our current projects. Part of this meeting was dedicated to TBCB2.6/3. Many important details have been agreed, complete with an internal timeline and release date. It is all feeling very real now that we have gone through in detail how this game will be produced and released!

19-May-2011 First Artwork Received

Some initial concept artwork showing a possible direction the game could take has arrived from the artist. There is still a long way to go before the games has a working skin, but at least things are moving in the right direction.

06-May-2011 Artist Gets to Work!

A selection of screen shots were sent to the graphics artist so he can start work. You can see a selection of these programmer artworks in the Game links below.

07-Jun-2010 Agreement Reached

After a long delay caused by other commitments both companies had to for-fill an agreement was reached for OOTP Development and PISD Ltd to work together to produce TBCB3. Due to the long development schedule required, it was decided that a port of the existing TBCB2.5 game to the PISD technology be released as TBCB2.6. This we help secure the development of TBCB3 as well as give the fans a much sort after update.

06-Feb-2007 TBCB 2.6 First Mentioned

On the 6th Feb 2007 Andreas first contacted me about using PISD for a new version of TBCB. This was an exploratory request to see if it was technically feasible and something that PISD would be interested in undertaking.

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