Title Bout Championship Boxing Videos

This video shows all the TB2013 cookies in action...

1. Text to speech on commentary
2. Old style black and white fights
3. Fighters moving around the ring
4. TUX as a ring card girl

Click here for more info about the cookies...

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Below is the latest Title Bout 2013 development build running on different devices. As you can see these platforms are not ready for release, for example, in one clip you will see repeated attempts to select a button that is too small for a finger to find comfortably!

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Here is a sample fight from Title Bout 2013 showing the recent cancelled bout between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Martin Murray. The fight was called off after Martin Murray was unable to secure a visa to travel to Texas for the fight. So instead, TB 2013 predicts what the outcome might have been.

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Here is a demonstration of the new skin in action. It shows some of the features the new skin supports as well as the look and feel we are striving to attain. To see how we ended up with this look, see the development steps below.

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