Herschel Jacobs vs Jerry Luedee

Fight info: Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, United States, 1971-1-1, announcer is Michael Pass, referee is Vic Drakulich, the bout will be scored by three judges: Steve Epstein (United States), Fred Fensom (United States) and Manuel Oliver Palomo (Spain), ring card girl is Amy Longlegs, this is not a title bout, the bout is scheduled for 10 rounds, IBA-rules are in effect, three KD rule is in effect, save by the bell is in effect, referee or doctor can stop the fight, mandatory 8 count is in effect, fight stopped due to an accidental head butt: Tech. Draw through 50%%/Scorecard after 50%%, game will check for injuries, game will not adjust ratings for weight class, use judges bias is set to 'none', Scoring System is 10 Points
In the red corner: Herschel Jacobs - Record: 0-0-0 - Career Stage: Prime - Conditioning: Top Condition - Trainer: Joe Chavez - Cut Man: Carlos Vargas
In the blue corner: Jerry Luedee - Record: 0-0-0 - Career Stage: Prime - Conditioning: Top Condition - Trainer: Sid Brumbach - Cut Man: Chick Ferrara

Round 1
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The fighters come out of their corners, ready to initiate action here in the first. 0:0
0:10 Jerry Luedee is just missing by a hair with his punches. 0:0
0:12 Jacobs rips a hook to the body. 2:0
0:26 Luedee lets his hands go but his punches land on the arms of Jacobs. 2:0
0:28 Jacobs bangs away with both hands and a nice uppercut finds a home. 4:0
0:40 Jacobs is going to come out on the short end of this exchange of punches. 6:3
0:58 Luedee misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well. 6:3
1:11 Luedee voluntarily moves onto the ropes. 6:3
1:21 Luedee pushes Jacobs then steps away from him. 6:3
1:30 Jacobs pins Luedee's arms! The fighters are tied up... 6:3
1:35 Drakulich moves them apart. 6:3
1:51 Jacobs tries to go to the body but he can't find an opening. 6:3
1:59 Herschel Jacobs lets a quick hook go, catching Luedee moving in. 8:3
2:09 Luedee lands a flurry to the ribs of Jacobs. 8:5
2:26 Jacobs smothers Luedee's attack with a clinch! 8:5
2:30 Drakulich moves in to break the clinch. 8:5
2:35 Jerry Luedee said he wanted to start fast but so far, he still hasn't found his rhythm. 8:5
2:39 Jacobs sneaks home the right cross. 10:5
2:56 Jacobs lands a hard uppercut! 15:5
2:56 Luedee takes a step back, obviously hurt! 15:5
3:00 The bell ending the Round sounds and the fighters return to their corners. 14:7

Round 2
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The seconds hurry out of Herschel Jacobs's corner as the bell sounds for Round 2. 0:0
0:14 Jacobs works his way in and leans on Luedee... 0:0
0:19 Jacobs pushes Luedee away. 0:0
0:28 Luedee misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well. 0:0
0:35 Oh!!! Jacobs unleashed a crippling right hand to the head! 4:0
0:35 That shot landed square and Luedee felt it, he's in a world of hurt! 4:0
0:50 Luedee is offering minimal head movement as he comes straight forward. 4:0
0:55 Jacobs's jab connects to Luedee's head 6:0
1:04 As high as Luedee is holding his gloves he is leaving his body wide open to a damaging body punch if Jacobs takes advantage of it. 6:0
1:08 Luedee scores with a quick hook to the head of Jacobs after Jacobs missed with a wild shot of his own. 6:2
1:20 Fighters are exchanging blows! Luedee scored more on that exchange. 8:5
1:37 Jacobs is holding... 8:5
1:42 Referee Drakulich has to separate the two... 8:5
1:52 Jerry Luedee suddenly goes southpaw and tries to find an opening. But his punches miss from this side too. Now he goes back to his orthodox stance. 8:5
1:54 Jerry Luedee tries a hook but Jacobs blocks it and then he scores with a hook of his own! 10:5
2:03 Jacobs gets in a hook to the body of Luedee. 12:5
2:15 Luedee is mixing his punches well and lands a jab followed by a cross. 12:7
2:29 Herschel Jacobs pins Luedee's arms against his body stopping him from throwing any punches. 12:7
2:38 * Jacobs is leaning on the back of Luedee's neck and Drakulich has seen enough as he issues a warning. 12:7
2:57 Luedee picks off the jab thrown by Jacobs. 12:7
3:00 Luedee leans on the ropes and motions for Jacobs to come in. 12:7
3:00 A nice action round, as both fighters had their moments and receive a well-deserved round of applause as they head for their corners. 11:9

Round 3
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Jacobs rushes out at the bell. Whatever his corner said to him seems to have him fired up. 0:0
0:12 Hey, that ringcard girl was something else! 0:0
0:14 Jerry Luedee goes downstairs with the hook. 0:2
0:29 Luedee swings...and misses. 0:2
0:32 Jacobs splits Luedee's gloves with an uppercut. 2:2
0:41 Jacobs pops a jab home. That punch didn't hurt but it still scored points. 4:2
0:54 Luedee takes a right to the body. 6:2
1:03 Luedee throws the hook and connects. 6:4
1:17 Jacobs is moving laterally and not straight back, which is exactly what he should be doing. 6:4
1:21 Jacobs lands a cross to the body. 8:4
1:35 Jacobs isn't moving his feet right now, but his upper body movement is giving Luedee fits. 8:4
1:47 Jacobs misses wildly with the Hook. 8:4
1:58 Herschel Jacobs digs a short hook to ribs of Luedee. 10:4
2:15 Luedee grabs and holds Jacobs... 10:4
2:24 Drakulich separates them. 10:4
2:32 Herschel Jacobs's finds a home on Luedee's jaw. 12:4
2:41 Jacobs slips in a jab to the body 14:4
2:51 Luedee launches an uppercut from way outside, grazing Jacobs's jaw. Luedee is vulnerable to a counter throwing that punch from a distance like that. 14:6
2:51 Jacobs reels backward from what might have been a head butt! 14:6
3:00 Round 3 ends with the sound of the bell. 16:5

Round 4
Time Commentary Points
0:00 The bell sounds to start Round 4. 0:0
0:15 Jacobs is in constant motion. He is a hard fighter to corner. 0:0
0:15 Neither fighter shows any wear and tear at this point. 0:0
0:20 Jacobs fires a jab to the body 2:0
0:35 Drakulich has to pull the fighters away from each other as Jacobs locks up Luedee's arms. 2:0
0:44 Drakulich separates the two... 2:0
0:50 Jacobs scores with a quick one-two to Luedee's midsection 4:0
1:03 A cross lands for Jacobs. Luedee didn't see that one coming. 6:0
1:24 Jacobs feints upstairs, then scores with a quick cross to the midsection. 8:0
1:38 Luedee has been watching too much wrestling, the way He's grabbing Herschel Jacobs. 8:0
1:47 Drakulich breaks them up... 8:0
1:51 Jacobs gets in a several shots utilizing his hand speed. 10:0
2:03 Luedee lets his hands go inside and gets in a hook to Jacobs's midsection. 10:2
2:17 Jacobs is off target with that combination. 10:2
2:19 Luedee connects with a cross to Jacobs's body. 10:4
2:36 Luedee misses with what looked like a backhand. He's lucky. If that had landed, he might have drawn a warning. 10:4
2:38 * Drakulich steps in and admonishes Jacobs for holding and hitting. 13:4
2:56 A flurry of punches are exchanged between the two fighters. It appears as if Jacobs has gotten the better of the exchange. 16:6
3:00 The bell sounds ending Round 4. Amy The Smile Longlegs is about ready to climb through the ropes and into the ring to the whistles and cheers of the crowd. 17:5

Round 5
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Jacobs looks to be in good shape as Round 5 gets underway. 0:0
0:19 Jacobs whiffs with the uppercut. 0:0
0:21 Neither fighter has a mark on them at this point of the fight. 0:0
0:38 Luedee can't find the range as he tries to work the body. 0:0
0:40 Jacobs snakes the jab through Luedee's gloves. He had some snap on that one. 2:0
0:55 Jacobs's constant movement can be frustrating to an opponent who's not capable of cutting off the ring on him. 2:0
1:04 Jerry Luedee is holding. Well, he can't get hit if Jacobs can't throw punches, I guess. 2:0
1:09 Jacobs pushes Luedee away. 2:0
1:14 Luedee is covering up to prevent body shots, but he's leaving his chin dangerously unprotected! 2:0
1:17 Luedee tastes Jacobs's jab 4:0
1:32 Jacobs wraps his arms around Luedee. 4:0
1:36 Drakulich has to break the clinch. 4:0
1:41 The fighters are tangled up inside. Jacobs has a hand free and lands a little uppercut. 6:0
2:03 Jacobs doesn't connect with the uppercut. 6:0
2:05 Luedee sneaks in a quick uppercut that lands cleanly. 6:2
2:17 There's a lead right hand that finds its mark. That can be a dangerous punch if Luedee can land a solid one. 6:4
2:26 Luedee gets his head on the chest of Jacobs as He tries to outmuscle him on the inside, scoring with a nice short hook to the head. 6:6
2:40 Luedee lands a solid hook! 6:10
2:40 Jacobs is favoring his ribs, he's hurt!! 6:10
2:53 Luedee fires and misses. 6:10
3:00 Luedee tries to double up on the jab but neither hit the mark. 6:10
3:00 We're at the 3:00 mark and that brings this round to an end. 6:10

Round 6
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Round 6 gets underway as the fighters move to the middle of the ring. 0:0
0:15 Jacobs leaves the jab just short. 0:0
0:17 Luedee needs to catch his second wind... 0:0
0:17 Looking at their faces, you wouldn't know these two were in a fight. 0:0
0:23 Luedee misses the lead right, but follows up with a left hook that finds the mark. 0:2
0:32 Jacobs tries to double up on the hook to the body and at least one gets through. 2:2
0:41 Luedee glances a hook off Herschel Jacobs's side. 2:4
0:53 Luedee unleashes a wild hook that just glances off the side of Jacobs's head, if that had landed flush this fight might have been over! 2:6
1:09 Luedee fails to connect with that punch. He pushed it out there instead of cutting loose with it. 2:6
1:12 Jacobs scores with a nice short hook inside the defense of Luedee. 4:6
1:28 Luedee is turning this fight into a clinching and holding affair as he continues to wrap his arms around Jacobs. 4:6
1:40 Drakulich separates the two fighters. 4:6
1:52 Luedee cuts loose with a combination and the crowd roars, but the truth is none of those punches landed. Jacobs had his elbows tucked in nicely. 4:6
2:03 Jacobs traps Luedee's gloves under his arms, forcing Drakulich to break them up. 4:6
2:08 Drakulich separates the two... 4:6
2:19 Jacobs throws the cross and scores to the head of Luedee. 6:6
2:36 Jacobs does a great job smothering Luedee's punches, he had him locked up like he stole dinner right there. 6:6
2:48 Jacobs is moving nicely, using every inch of this ring. 6:6
2:57 Luedee is still trying to find the range with his punches. He's just missing with some of his shots. 6:6
3:00 Luedee wants to go downstairs, but can't penetrate Jacobs's defense. 6:6
3:00 The round comes to a close and neither fighter did a thing. Maybe someone should inform them that this is a boxing match. 6:6

Round 7
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Jacobs looks to be in excellent shape as Round 7 gets underway. 0:0
0:14 Jacobs fires away but finds nothing but air. 0:0
0:16 Luedee doesn't have much left... 0:0
0:21 Not a lot on that hook to Luedee's side, but it scored. 2:0
0:35 Luedee lets his hands go inside, but Jacobs protects his body well. 2:0
0:37 The two men are bumping heads as they wrestle on the inside. Now, Jacobs lands a short uppercut to the chin of Luedee. 4:0
0:54 Jacobs smothers Luedee's attack as Luedee tries to get off some shots inside. 4:0
1:06 Luedee looks to land a jab but misses the mark. 4:0
1:08 Luedee ducks into an uppercut from Jacobs. 6:0
1:26 Luedee fires a wild overhand right and misses everything. 6:0
1:33 Herschel Jacobs drives home a wicked hook to the midsection! 11:0
1:33 Jerry Luedee looks shaken! 11:0
1:42 Jacobs gets off a quick combination to the body 13:0
1:59 Luedee traps Jacobs's gloves under his arms. He won't let go until Drakulich breaks it up. 13:0
2:04 Jacobs works his way free! 13:0
2:09 Jacobs works his way inside and scores with a hook to the body. 15:0
2:23 Luedee is protecting the body nicely as Jacobs fails to score inside. 15:0
2:34 Luedee is clinching... Herschel Jacobs is trying to free his gloves... They are under Luedee's arms... 15:0
2:43 Drakulich pries them apart. 15:0
2:53 Jacobs scores with a crisp uppercut inside. 17:0
3:00 Herschel Jacobs looks to work the body, but Luedee covers up nicely. 17:0
3:00 It looks like Jacobs has a pretty solid lead at this stage of the fight. 17:0
3:00 The bell stops the action as Jacobs and Luedee go back to their corners. 17:1

Round 8
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Jacobs and Luedee square off as the bell sounds to start the action for Round 8. 0:0
0:13 Luedee just can't find the range with that hook. 0:0
0:29 Jacobs picks off the combination by Luedee. 0:0
0:43 Luedee plods forward. 0:0
0:50 Jerry Luedee eats a jab from Jacobs 2:0
1:00 Jacobs scores to the body with a jab 4:0
1:14 Jacobs wings the right cross and it gets in, though without a lot of steam on it. 6:0
1:31 The quickness and footwork of Jacobs is definitely keeping Luedee off balance. 6:0
1:39 Jacobs has been throwing the uppercut and scoring with it all night as he lands yet another short punch inside. 8:0
1:51 Luedee shoots the jab into the chest of Jacobs. 8:2
2:00 Luedee takes a cross to the head from Jacobs. 10:2
2:09 Those were mostly arm punches from Jacobs but several got through. 12:2
2:22 Jacobs lands a jab to Luedee's midsection 14:2
2:34 A straight cross from Herschel Jacobs gets through Luedee's guard. 16:2
2:49 Luedee wings a big left hand at Jacobs but the latter sidesteps the punch. 16:2
3:00 Jacobs can't score with short uppercut inside. Jerry Luedee got his gloves in front of the punch. 16:2
3:00 Jacobs appears to have this fight under control. 16:2
3:00 And that ends Round number 8. 18:3

Round 9
Time Commentary Points
0:00 There's two rounds of boxing left, and 0:0
0:15 Drakulich yells at the fighters to separate but Herschel Jacobs and Luedee are a tangle of arms. 0:0
0:24 Now they break clean. 0:0
0:32 Jerry Luedee scores with a punch that's part uppercut, part hook! 0:2
0:45 Jacobs tries to get the hook into the the ribs, but Luedee blocks it. 0:2
0:56 Not much steam behind Jacobs's jab, but it scores nonetheless. 2:2
1:07 A flurry of blows from Jacobs lands to the body 4:2
1:21 Jerry Luedee's misses as Herschel Jacobs backpedals away. 4:2
1:23 Jacobs fires a light jab to the stomach 6:2
1:40 Luedee and Jacobs are in a clinch, Drakulich hollers at them to break and start fighting. 6:2
1:49 Drakulich steps in and breaks it up. 6:2
1:53 Both fighters are throwing but Jacobs is scoring more than Luedee. 9:4
2:03 Jacobs gets off a nice little three punch salvo. 11:4
2:14 Jacobs likes to use the hook but he'd better get a little closer when he throws it or Jerry Luedee's going to beat him to the punch and hurt him! 13:4
2:24 Jacobs doesn't have to look for Luedee this round. He is right there in front of him. 13:4
2:32 Jacobs throws a straight right that glances off the shoulder of Luedee but it's enough to keep him off-balance. 13:4
2:34 Luedee's jab falls short, but the cross gets in behind it. 13:6
2:49 Luedee just misses with a huge shot as Jacobs chooses the perfect time to suddenly backpedal. 13:6
2:52 Jacobs slips inside and lands a hook. 15:6
2:56 * There's some angry swelling now around the left eye of Luedee. Clearly, this is going to hamper his vision. 15:6
3:00 Jacobs seems to have done enough to win this fight. 15:6
3:00 Round 9 finishes with the sound of the bell. 15:5

Round 10
Time Commentary Points
0:00 Both fighters look determined as the final round gets underway. 0:0
0:07 The swelling on the face of Luedee is almost as pronounced as it was before his corner worked on it, in spite of their efforts. 0:0
0:12 Jacobs fires a left hand that Luedee takes high on the shoulder. 0:0
0:24 Jacobs misses. He had an opening and whiffed with the punch. 0:0
0:43 Upstairs and downstairs! Jacobs lands two quick blows and then moves away from Luedee's counters. 2:0
0:59 Jacobs rips a cross to the stomach of Luedee, but there was really no power behind it. 4:0
1:03 The swelling around Luedee's left eye is worsening. 4:0
1:16 Jacobs just comes up short with the uppercut. 4:0
1:23 Herschel Jacobs moves in and scores with a quick jab. 6:0
1:37 Luedee wraps up Jacobs. 6:0
1:49 Luedee shoves Herschel Jacobs away. 6:0
1:58 Jacobs usues his legs to avoid Luedee's punches. 6:0
2:09 * Wow! That shot landed like a lightning bolt! Luedee is down on his back! 6:0
2:11 Drakulich picks up the count.. 15:0
2:11 1... 15:0
2:12 2... 15:0
2:13 3... 15:0
2:14 4... 15:0
2:15 Luedee is struggling to regain his feet as the count reaches 5. 15:0
2:16 6... 15:0
2:17 7... 15:0
2:18 8... 15:0
2:18 * Jerry Luedee looks stunned, but he is able to beat the count. 15:0
2:18 Drakulich waves the two fighters together, he is allowing the fight to continue. 15:0
2:18 There's time for Jacobs to finish Luedee if he can do it. 15:0
2:27 Jacobs has Luedee trapped in the upper left neutral corner... 15:0
2:27 Jacobs goes to the head and the body, though neither punch had much on it. 17:0
2:27 Jacobs wants to end this fight right now. Whether or not he can do it is another story. 17:0
2:35 Herschel Jacobs feels his back touch the ropes and immediately moves away. He doesn't want to get trapped there. 17:0
2:40 Jacobs telegraphed that shot and Luedee ducks under it easily. 17:0
2:46 Jacobs gets the cross through Luedee's guard. 19:0
2:46 Luedee is in trouble. Jacobs needs to stay on him if he wants to end this now. 19:0
3:00 Jacobs misses with that combination. 19:0
3:00 Jacobs seems to have done enough to win this fight. 19:0
3:00 Call it a night, sports fans, because this fight is over! Let's see who gets the nod from the judges. 19:1

Fight Result

Let's go to Michael Pass for the call...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the judges have tallied their scorecards and here is your decision...

Steve Epstein, United States scores the bout 99 to 91

Fred Fensom, United States scores the bout 100 to 92

Manuel Oliver Palomo, Spain scores the bout 98 to 92

The winner by unanimous decision is Herschel Jacobs!

Score Cards

Steve Epstein Round Total
United States 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Herschel Jacobs 10 10 10 10 9 10 10 10 10 10 99
Jerry Luedee 9 9 9 9 10 10 9 9 9 8 91

Fred Fensom Round Total
United States 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Herschel Jacobs 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 100
Jerry Luedee 9 10 9 9 10 10 9 9 9 8 92

Manuel Oliver Palomo Round Total
Spain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Herschel Jacobs 10 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 10 10 98
Jerry Luedee 9 10 9 9 10 10 9 9 9 8 92

Round Totals Round Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Herschel Jacobs 30 29 30 30 28 30 30 30 30 30 297
Jerry Luedee 27 29 27 27 30 30 27 27 27 24 275

Categories Herschel Jacobs Jerry Luedee
Knockdowns scored 1 0

Jabs / Round 6.80 2.00
Hooks / Round 9.10 4.00
Crosses / Round 6.30 3.70
Combinations / Round 5.80 2.30
Uppercuts / Round 7.20 2.50

Punches Landed / Round 35.20 14.50
Punches Missed / Round 49.80 68.70

Punching Accuracy 41.4% 17.4%

Total Number of Fouls 2 0
Holding Head and Hitting 1
Leaning on Opponent's Neck 1

Foul Penalties:
Caution 2

Suffered Accidental Head Butt 1
Bouts with eye swelling resulting from punches 1

No cuts occured

Strategies (demanded/followed)
Cover Up 0 / 0 1 / 1
Fight Inside 0 / 0 0 / 0
Fight Outside (Offensive) 0 / 0 0 / 0
Fight Outside (Defensive) 0 / 0 0 / 0
Go for KO 0 / 0 0 / 0
Go All Out for KO 0 / 0 0 / 0
Protect Cut 0 / 0 0 / 0
Take a Round Off 0 / 0 0 / 0

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