Billy C Boxing Contest - 30/1/2015

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights (Part1,Part2), which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Juan Carlos Salgado vs Jairo Lopez: Salgado had the best of this match-up winning by a 70 to 24 margin. 31 of his 37 decision wins came via unanimous verdict. 33 inside the distance wins rounded out his victory total. Salgado scored 138 knockdowns while being floored 49 times. Lopez showed a puncher's chance scoring 16 inside the distance wins. He also garnered 8 decisions.
  • Ricky Boylan vs Tommy Martin: Boylan topped Martin in this match-up by a 70 to 24 margin. He scored 5 more knockdowns with his total of 24. 46 of his 60 decisions received a unanimous nod from the judges. He also notched 10 more wins inside the distance. Martin garnered 19 decisions, 13 unanimously. He rounded things out with 5 inside the distance wins.
  • Nuri Seferi vs Krzyszyof Glowacki: Seferi topped Glowacki in this match-up by a two to one margin, 63 to 31. All but 3 of his 32 decisions came via unanimous verdict. He added 31 stoppages. He dropped Glowacki 104 times and was floored 46 times himself. Glowacki snared 20 decisions. He also socked his way to 11 inside the distance wins.
  • John Ryder vs Billi Godoy: Ryder was twice as good as Godoy in this meeting, winning by a 67 to 30 margin. His victory total was split between 40 decisions and 27 inside the distance wins. 26 decisions came via unanimous verdict. Ryder netted a 91 to 58 edge in knockdowns scored. 12 of Godoy's 16 decision wins came unanimously. He also notched 14 stoppages.
  • Kevin Mitchell vs Daniel Estrada: Estrada came out on top in this match-up by a 66 to 27 margin. 32 of his 49 decisions earned unanimous verdicts. 7 of his 17 stoppages came via cuts. He scored 36 knockdowns and kissed canvas 20 times himself. Mitchell copped 16 decisions. 5 of his 11 inside the distance wins came via DQ.
  • Shane Mosley Jr vs Rafael Machado: Machado was a set-up for Mosely Jr who ran away with a 93 to 2 victory margin. Mosley Jr scored 94 knockdowns without tasting the canvas. He snared 59 decisions and stopped Machado 34 times. Machado was only able to come away with a decision win and a DQ.
  • Thomas Falowo vs Russ Lamour: Falowo had the best of this match-up by a 54 to 30 margin. All but 10 of his 46 decision victories came via unanimous verdict. 8 more wins did not go the scheduled duration. Lamour was awarded the duke by the judges 23 times. He also notched 7 inside of the distance. Falowo scored just one more knockdown with his total of 30.
  • Sullivan Barrera vs Jeff Lacy: Barrera was the run away winner in this match-up with the shop worn Lacy coming away with an 86 to 9 margin of victory. Barrera garnered 66 decisions, 54 unanimously. He also notched 20 stoppages. He floored Lacy 55 times and was only dropped 19 times. Lacy was only able to come away with 6 decisions and 3 stoppage wins.
  • Francisco Rodriguez vs Jomar Farjardo: Rodriguez had an easy time in this match-up winning by more than a 10 to 1 margin, 87 to 8. He floored Fajarfo 133 times and visited the canvas only 27 times himself. 2 of his 52 inside the distance wins were DQs. The rest were stoppages. All but 4 of his 35 decision wins came via unanimous decision. Fajardo's 8 victories were evenly split between decisions and inside the distance wins.
  • Karl Dargan vs Tony Luis: Dargan bettered Luis in this match-up by a two to one margin. 40 of his 58 wins came via decision. 18 more wins came inside of the distance. He also came away with a 31 to 8 edge in knockdowns scored. Luis snared 21 decision wins. 6 of his 8 stoppage wins came via TKO.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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