Billy C Boxing Contest - 26/9/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Anselmo Moreno vs Juan Carlos Payano: Moreno came out on top in this match-up 57 to 32. 34 of his 49 decision wins were by unanimous verdict. He also tallied 8 stoppage victories. Payano, in contrast, snared 25 decisions, 16 unanimous. Only 7 of his wins came inside the distance. Neither fighter demonstrated much pop. Only 37 knockdowns were scored by these two with Moreno netting 25 of these.
  • Arthur Abraham vs Paul Smith: Abraham was the walk-away winner in this match-up 79 to 18. Abraham netted 49 decision victories. The judges awarded 42 of these unanimously. Abraham also stopped Smith 30 times. He scored 105 knockdowns while visiting the canvas only 21 times himself. Smith won 9 bouts by decision and 3 by DQ. 5 of his 6 stoppage wins were due to cuts.
  • Dierry Jean vs Daniel Ruiz: Jean came out on top in this match-up 68 to 30. He copped 43 decisions. 31 of these were unanimous. He stopped Ruiz 25 times. 11 of the stoppage wins were straight KOs. 10 of the 14 TKOs were caused by cuts. Jean had a 74 to 22 edge in knockdowns scored. Ruiz split his victory total between 20 decisions and 10 inside the distance wins. 12 of his decisions were unanimously awarded.
  • Artur Beterbiev vs Tavoris Cloud: Beterbiev edged out Cloud in a close match-up 51 to 45. All but 10 of his 24 decision wins came via unanimous verdict. He stopped Cloud 27 times. Cloud, in turn, scored 25 inside the distance wins. These were coupled with 20 decisions. Cloud had the edge in knockdowns scored 80 to 46 even though Beterbiev scored more stoppage wins.
  • Omar Chavez vs Ramon Alvarez: Chavez topped Alvarez in this match-up 73 to 21. He was awarded 49 decisions, 40 unanimously. He also registered 24 stoppage wins. He scored 79 knockdowns and visited the canvas only 22 times himself. Alvarez notched 12 decisions and 3 wins by DQ. 5 of his 6 stoppages came on cuts.
  • Javier Preito vs Ivan Cano: Preito got the better of Cano in this match-up 72 to 27. Out of the 29 decisions awarded to him 26 were unanimous. He snared 43 inside the distance wins. Cano failed to beat the count 23 times. Preito registered a 154 to 45 edge in knockdowns scored. One third of Cano's 27 wins came by decision. He also notched 18 stoppages.
  • Denis Lebedev vs Pawel Kolodziej: Lebedev trounced Kolodziej walking away with an 86 to 12 margin of victory. All but 1 of his 37 decisions were unanimous. He also stopped Kolodziej 49 times. Kolodziej could not beat the count 23 times. He was beaten down by Lebedev. Only 4 of his 26 TKO wins came on cuts. Lebedev notched a 158 to 21 edge in knockdowns scored. Kolodziej could only muster 5 decision victories and 7 inside the distance wins.
  • Grigory Drozd vs Krzystof Wlodarczyk: Wlodarczyk came out on top by a two to one margin, 69 to 31. He grabbed 26 decisions. 19 of these were enanimous verdicts. A 116 to 38 edge in knockdowns scored helped him to notch 43 stoppage wins. 11 of his 28 TKO wins came on cuts. Drozd, in turn, came away with 16 decisions. Half of these were unanimous. He also scored 15 stoppage victories. 11 of these were TKOs including one for swelling.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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