Billy C Boxing Contest - 4/7/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights (Part1,Part2), which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Michael Katsidis vs Graham Earl: Earl was dominated by Kastadis, losing 93 to 5. Only 20 of these wins came via decision. Earl was stopped 73 times. Katsidis put him on the floor 196 times in this drubbing.
  • Joseph Parker vs Brian Minto: Parker got the nod over Minto 56 to 35. 42 of Parker's wins came on the judge's scorecards. He was awarded a unanimous verdict 30 times. Minto, in contrast, earned 23 decisions. He came off with 12 inside the distnce wind, only two less than Parker. With neither man demonstrating an edge in power the judge's will be a major factor in this match.
  • Ruslan Chagaev vs Fres Oquendo: Chagaev topped Oquendo in a fairly close match, 50 to 39. Only 17 bouts ended early so the judges were put to work by these two fighters. 30 of Chagaev's 41 decisions were unanimous. Oquendo notched 31 decisions, 20 unanimous. Chagaev's 34 knockdowns topped Oquendo's total by 10.
  • Miguel Berchelt vs Carlos Manuel Reyes: Berchelt came out as the victor 65 to 27. He scored 9 stoppages and 56 decision wins. He had a 62 to 26 edge in knockdowns scored. 39 of his 56 decision victories were unanimous.
  • Cameron Hammond vs Roman Zhailauov: Zhailauov squeaked by Hammond 48 to 41. Among his 41 wins Hammond netted only two KOs. Both fighters scored 39 decision wins, Zhailauov's margin of victory came by virtue of his 9 inside the distance wins. He had a slim edge in power with five more knockdowns scored, 41 to 36 .
  • Argenis Mendez vs Rances Barthaelemy: Barthelemy won this meeting, 52 to 38. His 38 decisions matched Mendez's victory total. 26 of these were unanimous. He had 34 of the 57 knockdowns scored. 20 of the 29 decisions earned by Mendez were unanimous.
  • Yunier Dorticos vs Edison Miranda: Dorticos won this close match up, 55 to 41. 39 of these 55 wins came via decision. He received a unanimous verdict 29 times. Both fighters showed resiliancy. Only 23 bouts came to an early conclusion while 177 knockdowns occured. Dorticos led the way, here, with 103.
  • Tureano Johnson vs Mike Gavronski: Johnson clobbered Gavronski, 79 to 14. He netted 23 stoppages and 56 decisions. He had a four to one edge in knockdowns scored, 81 to 20. 43 of his decision wins were unanimous. Gavronski netted only two stoppage wins. Only 5 of his 12 decisons were unanimous. Very little went his way.
  • Art Hovhannisyan vs Jonathan Maicelo: Hovhannisyan came out on top by a two to one margin, 61 to 29. 38 of his 48 decisions were unanimous. 10 of his 13 stoppage wins came when Maicelo heard the fatal count of 10. Hovhannisyan also had a 61 to 34 edge in knockdowns. Most of Maicelo's wins came via decision (29). Little else went his way.
  • Canelo Alvarez vs Erislandy Lara: Canelo beat Lara by a razor thin margin, 47 to 45. Both men notched 39 decisions. Lara won 23 unanimously compared to 18 by Canelo. Canelo's margin of victory resulted from scoring two more wins inside the distance than Lara. His 46 knockdowns doubled Lara's total.
  • Abner Mares vs Jonathan Oquendo: Mares was the walk away winner here, 74 to 16. 66 of his wins were tallied on the judges scorecards. He was awarded 49 decisions unanimously. 13 of Oquendo's 16 wins went all ten rounds. Only 11 bouts finished inside the distance. The average fight lasted 9.54 rounds. Mares 24 knockdowns doubled Oquendo's total.
  • Juan Manuel Lopez vs Fransisco Vargas: Juanma treated Vargas like an opponent topping him 98 to 2. 70 of these wins came inside the distance. Vargas tasted the canvas 158 times and anly floored Lopez 11 times in turn. His only wins came via stoppage giving him only the slimmest puncher's chance here.
  • Johan Perez vs Mauricio Herrera: Perez edged out Herrera, 50 to 41. His 39 decisions bettered Herrera's total by three. He also had an 11 to 5 edge in stoppages. He more than doubled the number of knockdowns scored 18 to 7.
  • Anthony Joshua vs Matt Skelton: Joshua bested the aged veteran Skelton 80 to 17. Joshua's work got the approval of the judges in 74 meetings. Skelton scored more inside the distamce wins (8) giving him a old puncher's chance.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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