Billy C Boxing Contest - 20/6/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Pigmy Kokietgym (Muangchaiyaphum) vs Hekkie Budler: Hekkie Budler won this duke 59 to 33. His 13 inside the distance wins bettered (Muangchaiyaphum) Kokietgym's total by 10. 25 of his 46 decision victories were unanimous. (Muangchaiyaphum) Kokietgym netted 19 of 30. Budler had an edge of 12 knockdowns scored with his total of 33.
  • Martin Murray vs Max Bursak: Murray ran away with this match, 84 to 11. Seven of his eight inside the distance wins came on cuts. Bursak, who scored a mere four knockdowns, had only one stoppage win with Murray hearing the fatal 10 count. Murray notched 76 decisons. In 57 of these the verdict was unanimous.
  • Mateusz Masternak vs Youri Kalenga: Masternak got the nod over Kalenga 52 to 36. Only seven of his wins came via stoppage compared to Kalenga's four. Kalenga, however, scored more knockdowns, 28 to 25. Masternak was awarded 45 decisions. 24 of these were unanimous. Kalenga notched three fewer unanimous wins among his 32 earned decisions.
  • Steve Vukosa vs Arthur Saribekian: Saribekian edged out Vukosa 47 to 39. He out boxed Vukosa netting 45 decision wins. Vukosa's 50 to 18 edge in knockdowns led him to 14 inside the distance wins.
  • Anatoliy Dudchenko vs Nadjib Mohammedi: Mohammedi won this one, 54 to 32. 48 of his victories came via decision. This included 36 unanimous verdicts. Dudchenko, in turn, netted 25 decision wins. Only 12 were unanimous. Knockdowns were nearly even and not too frequent. Mohammedi had a 30 to 25 edge in this category.
  • Lee Campbell vs Sullivan Barrera: Barrera was the run away victor, 82 to 12. Only four of these wins vame via stoppage. His 70 fight margin of victory came mostly on the judge's scorecards. 70 of his 78 decisions were awarded unanimously. The best that can be said of Campbell is that he equalled Barrera's stoppage total with four.
  • Michael Hunter vs Jerry Forrest: Hunter's 45 wins earned him the nod by the wafer thin margin of one fight. Not much separated these two. Both had four stoppage wins. Hunter copped one more fight in the eyes of the judges, but Forrest scored one more unanimous decision victory.
  • Karl Dargan vs Anthony Flores: Dargan was dominant winning 85 to 5. Flores managed only one stoppage victory. Dargan did a little better in this category with 6. The judges awarded him the verdict 79 times. 58 of these were unanimous decisions.
  • Devon Alexander vs Jesus Soto Karass: Alexander topped Soto-Karass 82 to 10. Soto-Karass netted four stoppage wins, but only netted one unanimous decision among his 10 wins. Alexander notched only one more inside the distance win. The majority of his wins came on the judges cards. He earned 77 decisions. All but 18 of these were unanimous.
  • Robert Guerrero vs Yoshihiro Kamegai: Guerrero was the lop sided victor here, 79 to 15. He had a 14 to 5 edge in stoppages despite scoring seven fewer knockdowns with 25. 65 of his wins came via judge's verdict, 48 unanimously.
  • Gary Russell Jr vs Vasyl Lomachenko: Lomachenko came out on top 59 to 24. There were 17 draws between these two men. Russell had a 9 to 6 edge inside the distance. Lomachenko total of 26 knockdowns bettered Russell's total by one. The judges awarded him 53 decisions compared to Russell's 15.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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