Billy C Boxing Contest - 16/5/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights (Part1,Part2), which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Delvin Rodriguez vs Joachim Alcine: Alcine topped Rodriguez 68 to 24. 57 of these wins came via decision, 48 unanimously. He netted 11 stoppage victories compared to one scored by Rodriguez. The balance of Rodriguez's 24 wins were decidedby the judges. Alcine scored 20 more knockdowns with his totalof 34.
  • Joel Diaz Jr vs Tyler Asselstine: This closely contested match up went to Asselstine 47 to 44. All but two of Asselstine's wins came by way of decision. In contrast, 37 of the wins earned by Diaz, were awarded by the judges. Although Asselstine scored more knockdowns 64 to 48, Diaz netted more stoppages with seven.
  • Lee Selby vs Romulu Koasicha: Koasicha came away with an 11 bout edge, 53 to 42. He scored 11 of these wins inside the distance. Only four of Selby's 42 wins came by stoppage, and these were all due to cuts. He score 17 knockdowns vompared to 49 by Koasicha.
  • Viktor Postol vs Selcuk Aydin: This was another close match up. Aydin emerged as the victor 48 to 40. 40 of his wins were by decision. He hadan 8 to 6 edge in stoppage victories. With only 14 stoppages between these two men, the judges look to be kept busy as the fights avereaged 11.38 rounds.
  • Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Alvarado: Marquez topped Alvarado 64 to 27. Only three of these wins came by stoppage despite Alvarado tasting canvas 36 times. Alvarado scored two more stoppage wins than Marquez. 83 of the wins notched by these two were decided by the judges. The arbitors liked Marquez's work more. 44 of his 61 decision wins were unanimous.
  • Jose Carlos Ramirez vs Jesus Selig: Ramirez bested Selig 51 to 39 in a six. He netted 46 decisions compared to 37 by Selig. Only seven stoppages occured. Selignotched two of these. 68 knockdowns were scored. Selig tasted the canvas 36 times.
  • Oscar Bravo vs Diego Magdaleno: Magdaleno had the measure of Bravo, here. He came out on top 73 to 16. Both men scored six wins inside the distance. The judges were kept busy. They favored Magdaleno's work awarding 49 of his 67 decisions by a unanimous verdict.
  • Frank Galarza vs Sebastien Bouchard: Galarza won 30 more bouts, 58 to 28. These men also kept the judges busy. Only three stoppages occured with Galarza netting two. He had three times as many knckdowns with 18.
  • Andy Ruiz Jr vs Manuel Quezada: Ruiz won this heavyweight tilt 64 to 30. He had a 9 to 5 edge in stoppage wins. He snared 30 more decisions with 55. The knockdowns scored was fairly even, but again in favor of Ruiz 26 to 24.
  • Omar Andres Narvaez vs Antonio Garcia: Narvaez ran away with this one 97 to 2. 12 of these wins came by stoppage despite scoring only 11 knockdowns. He tasted the canvas only once, in turn. 82 of his 85 decision victories were unanmous as he dominated this match up.
  • Nathan Cleverly vs Sean Corbin: Nathan Cleverly vs Sean Corbin was simmed May 1st, Cleverly went 91-6-3 (38)
  • Gavin Rees vs Gary Buckland: Rees came away with a two to one edge in this match up, 60 to 28. 52 of these were decisions, 31 awarded unanimously. Only 14 inside the distance wins occured. Rees had an 8 to 6 edge in this category. The judges were once again kept busy.
  • Derric Rossy vs Joe Hanks: Rossy won this duke 55 to 34. This was another match up where very few stoppages occured. Rossy had a 9 to 5 edge here, by dint of his 37 to 16 edge in knockdowns. 33 of Rossy's 46 decisions were unanimously awarded.
  • Alexander Brand vs Don George: Georgeplaced his mark on Brand 55 to 39. Both fighters were nearly equalin the power department. George had a 9 to 8 edge in stoppage wins while Brand had a 58 to 56 edge in knockdowns scored. The difference between thesetwo was decided by the judges. George came asway with 46 decision wins, 32 unanimously. 20 of Brand's 31 decisions were unanimously awarded.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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