Billy C Boxing Contest - 1/5/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights (Part1,Part2,Part3), which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Ratko Draskovic vs Levan Jomardashvili: Jomardashvili came out on top in this meeting, 71 to 25 in this heavyweight contest. He stopped Draskovic 22 times and was, in turn, beaten inside the distance only 9 times. 37 of his 49 decision victories were unanimous. Draskovic scored 20 knockdowns compared to 65 and doesn't seem to have much more than a slim chance in this match.
  • Chad Gaynor vs Adil Anwar: Gaynor got the best of Anwar 64 to 29. His decision wins nearly doubled Anwar's total, 43 to 22, and three times the number of inside the distance wins, 21 to 7. Gaynor netted 47 knockdowns while Anwar scored 19 in a further demonstration of dominance.
  • Saul Montes vs Randy Fuentes: Montes got the edge in this undercard match between two light hitting fighters 52 to 34. Only 15 knockdowns were scored between them. With knockdowns at a premium, the judges should be quite busy. Montes was tops in their eyes 48 times compared to 29 by Fuentes. 30 of his decision wins were unanimous. Fuentes copped one more stoppage win with his five.
  • Nathan Cleverly vs Sean Corbin: This bout, scheduled for May 17, was removed from this weeks Challenge, but not before it had been simmed. Cleverly proved that bigger isn't better. Cleverly copped this duke 91 times. Corbin only notched 6 wins, which were split equally between decisions and stoppages. The judges were convincingly in favor of Cleverly, awarding 49 of his 53 decisions by a unanimous verdict. Cleverly also stopped Corbin 38 times. The edge in scored knockdowns went to Cleverly, 65 to 13.
  • Arthur Abraham vs Nikola Sjekloca: Arthur Abraham had an easy time here, winning 92 to 7. King Arthur stopped Sjekloca 43 times. In contrast Sjekloca scored only one stoppage win. Abraham's superiority was most evident in the number of knockdowns scored. He had a 140 to 3 edge in this category.
  • J'leon Love vs Marco Antonio Periban: This 10 round tilt went Periban's way, 59 to 31. The bigger man, Periban, has a 22 to 10 edge in stoppage wins. He also notched 16 more decisions, with 37. He edge in knockdowns scored also went his way, 80 to 30.
  • Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina: This bout went heavily in Broner's favor 91 to 7. This was split between 62 decisions and 29 stoppages. Five of Molina's seven wins came inside the distance giving him a slim chance. He tasted canvas 95 times and only floored Broner 9 times in turn. 57 of Broner's 63 decisions were unanimous.
  • Amir Khan vs Luis Collazo: Khan topped this one nearly three quarters of the time. 73 to 25. 47 of his wins were decided by the judges, and 26 were inside the distance. 16 of Collazo's wins came via stoppage. Collazo's power gives him the old puncher's chance despite Khan's 101 to 58 edge in knockdowns.
  • Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana: Maidana was no match for Money Mayweather in this one-sided affair. Floyd won 95 to 3. 33 of these came via decision. and 62 via stoppage. Floyd avoided Maidana's power tasting canvas just 20 times. In turn, he dropped Maidana 190 times in another Maywether walk away win.
  • Ishe Smith vs Ryan Davis: The results came out in Smith's favor 75-20-5. Only 14 of his wins came inside the distance. 49 of his 61 decisions were unanimous. Davis was DQ'ed three times. His two stoppage wins came on cuts. Smith had a slight edge in knockdowns, 27 to 23. The judge are likely to earn their paychecks in this one.
  • Ashley Theophane vs. Angino Perez: Theophane won the duke 66 to 25. He came away with 49 decisions and 17 stoppage wins. Only four of Perez's 25 decisions came inside the distance. His lack of pop was evident as Theophane scored five times as many knockdowns with a total of 45.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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