Billy C Boxing Contest - 17/4/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Alan Sanchez vs Jorge Silva: Silva came out on top 41 more times than Sanchez. 62 of his 68 victories went to the final bell. Only 11 of the bouts between these two men finished inside the distance. This looks like a busy time for the judges who unanimously chose Silva 48 times.
  • Vitaliy Kopylenko vs Willie Monroe Jr: On the basis of his showing here, Kopylenko will advance to the Boxcino finals. Monroe was dominated by the Ukeranian 82 to 12. Monroe's lack of power was evidenced by a mere two stoppages wins, both due to cuts. Kopylenko pounded out 19 stoppage wins to go along with 63 decisions.
  • Brandon Adams vs Raymond Gatica: The other Boxcino semi was much closer. Adams got the nod 54 to38. 23 of these 54 wins came inside the distance. 31 of Gatica's wins were decided by the arbiters. 70% of the bouts went the full 8 rounds giving the judges a lot of work.
  • Alexi Collado vs Rod Salka: Collado had an easy time here winning nearly two-thirds of the bouts, 60 to 32. He stopped Salka 17 times. 31 of his 43 decisions were unanimous. Only two of Salka's wins were by stoppage, both KOs, giving him the slimmest of puncher's chances.
  • Juan Rodriguez Jr vs Sammy Vasquez: This one was tight. Juan (The Beast) Rodriguez got the edge, 48 yo 41. 12 of his wins came inside the distance. In contrast only 5 of Vasquez's 41 victories were stoppages. Each fighter notched 36 decisions. Although, the Beast earned more inside the distance wins he scored 3 fewer knockdowns with fifty. Little to choose between there two warriors.
  • Felix Diaz vs Emmauel Lartey: Two to one edge for Diaz, 60 to 30. 51 of these wins were decided by the cards. 41 were unanimously decided in his favor. Lartey got the edge in stoppage victories 10 - 9 despite having scoring 20 fewer knockdowns with his 39.
  • Scott Quigg vs Tshifthiwa Munyai: Quigg was the winner here 59 to 33. 39 of his 49 decisions were unanimous. Quigg floored his opponent 21 more times with 37 knockdowns. Despite this, Munyai scored six more wins inside the distance with 16 mostly due to cuts. Quigg may need to rely on his cutman to prevail.
  • Bernard Hopkins vs Beibut Shumenov: What else is new? B-Hop puts on another boxing clinic winning by a 74 to 21 margin. his decisions and stoppages split 52 to 22. 13 of Shumenov's wins came by decision. The bouts averaged 10.35 rounds. The judges unanimously preferred Hopkins 43 times.
  • Shawn Porter vs Paulie Malignaggi: Porter edged out Paulie Malignaggi 52 to 39. His 16 to 5 edge in knockdowns helped him earn 10 more decisions with 39. Porter had three more wins inside the distance with 13. He also scored the sole KO win in the simmed fights. All 10 of Paulie's stoppage wins came on cuts. This one will likely be in the hands of the judges.
  • Peter Quillin vs Lukas Konecny: Quillin emerged as the victor by a slim three fight margin here. the veteran Konecny won 46 times. Konecny had an edge in knockdowns, 55 to 44. He also had two more inside the distance wins with 14. Quillin, nevertheless, had the edge in the judges eyes with 37 decisions, 5 more than Konecny.
  • Orlando Cruz vs Gamalier Rodriguez: Cruzcopped the duke 68 times compared to 24 by Rodriguez. Only 22 fights failed to go to the finish. Rodriguez had a two bout edge here. He also had a significant edge in power with 80 knockdowns compared to 31 for Cruz. Despite this handicap in power, Cruz notched 58 decisions with superior boxing skills.
  • Felix Verdejo vs Ivan Zavala: Prospect Felix Verdejo has a set up here. He topped Zavala 77 times compared to 15. Only one of Zavala's wins was by stoppage. Verdejo gained 17 wins inside the distance and 56 knockdowns. The only question about this one is whether Zavala will still be upright or horizontal at the end of the fight
  • Levan Ghvamichava vs Yordenis Ugas: Couldn't find this scheduled bout in boxrec so the distance was set at 8 rounds, a step up for both guys. Ugas came out on top 63 to 28. He had half as many stoppage wins with 5, 10 more knockdowns with 43. 58 decisions were awarded to Ugas by the judges and that is how this will likely go.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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