Billy C Boxing Contest - 10/4/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights (Part1,Part2), which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez vs Giovanni Lorenzo: Ramirez Sanchez came out on top winning two thirds of the contests (66-28-6). 19 of these wins came inside the distance including two DQs. 39 of the 47 decisions that he won were unanimous. Lorenzo could only manage 28 wins, 9 by stoppage. Only the number of scored by these two sluggers was nearly equal. Lorenzo totaled 53 which was just 15 less than Sanchez.
  • Many Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley: Pacman came ot on top in this WBO title tilt with 12 mores wins (56). Only two of the simmed fights were drawn. Bradley's whiskers proved tough. Although scoring 40 more knockdowns Pacman only generated 5 stoppage wins compared to Bradley's 12 TKOs. 81% of the bouts went the distance placing the outcome in the hands of the judges.
  • Raymundo Beltran vs Arash Usmanee: The vacant NABO lightweight title landed in Beltran's corner 55 times, compared to the 40 wins scored by Usmanee. Stoppages were nearly equal. Beltran's 20 gave him a two bout edge. He only scored 8 more knockdowns that Usmanee's 68. With the power factor being a wash Beltran's edge was in the eyes of the judges with 33 of his 35 decision wins scored unanimously in his favor.
  • Jose Felix Jr vs Bryan Vasquez: Vasquez copped the interim WBA World super featherweight title with 67 wins, 40 more than Felix could muster. Only 10 of his wins were by stoppage. Just one more than Felix. 104 knockdowns were scored so both fighters showed resiliency with these knockdowns only resulting in 19 stoppage wins. The bouts averaged 10.98 rounds. This on is likely to go to the judges score cards.
  • Khabib Allakhverdiev vs Jessie Vargas: Allakhverdiev topped Vargas at a nearly 2 to 1 rate, 61 to 32. He had four more wins inside the distance with 16. The judges preferred his work 45 times, more than doubling the 20 scored by vargas. 38 of his decisions were unanimous. Looks like the judges score cards will tally in his favor.
  • Frank Buglioni vs Sergey Khomitsky: Khomitsky notched 60 wins compares to 34 by Buglioni in this contest for the WBO European super middleweight title. Buglioni, however, talleyed four more wins inside the distance (18). This didn't illustrate an edge in power since they came mostly due to cuts. Khomitsky had an edge in knockdowns 37 - 32. If Khomitsky's cutmen do their job a victory should be in the cards.
  • Jesse Hart vs Samuel Clarkson: This bout was the only really one-sided match among the simmed bouts. Hart came away with the duke 92 time compared to just 5 wins by Clarkson. There was a 14 to 1 edge in stoppage wins. Clarkson did score 10 knockdowns compared to 46, but these is little else that can be said in his favor.
  • Kevin Johnson vs Manuel Charr: Johnson topped Charr 65 to 23 with twelve drawn dukes. He had a six to one edge in stoppages with 18. He also won 47 fights on the score cards. Nearly everything went his way.
  • Chris Goodwin vs Oisin Fagan: Fagan came out on top by a slim 7 fight margin 51 - 44. He also had a 7 fight edge in the number of stoppage victories with 20. His biggest edge came in the power department with 66 knockdowns, 40 more than Goodwin. Both fighters netted 31 decisions. Fagan's edge in power looks like the difference here.
  • Farid Chebabha vs Michal Dufek: Another close one here with Dufek topping Chebabha 50 to 42. Chebabha could only manage three inside the distance wins, ten fewer than Dufek. Dufek scored 30 more knockdowns with 58. This decided edge in power should tell in his favor.
  • David Price vs Ondrej Pala: Price walked away with 80 matches compared to 17 for Pala in a one sided affair. Price had nearly 5 times as many stoppages 33 to 7. Price's dominance continued with an 84 to 24 edge in knockdowns.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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