Billy C Boxing Contest - 27/3/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Christopher Deon Rudd vs Petr Petrov: Petrov dominated Rudd winning 66 of the simulated bouts, almost all by decision. He managed to stop Rudd a mere 4 times. Rudd stopped Petrov in 11 of his 27 victories. Seven of the bouts were draws. 70% of the bouts were decided by the judges and most of these decisions were unanimously in favor of Petrov. Look for both men to be standing at the end of this one and see Petrov's hand raised in victory by the referee.
  • Miguel Gonzalez vs Fernando Carcamo: Carcamo managed 9 more wins with 46 bouts going in his favor. He also scored 6 more stoppages with 15.59 bouts went to the judge's cards. 17 of these tilts were draws, illustrating how evenly matched these gladiators are.
  • Omar Chavez vs Daniel Sandoval: There was a razor thin difference between the fighters in this duke. Chavez got the nod 48 times compared to 44 by Sandoval. He had 5 more stoppages with 22. Knockdowns went 67 to 65 in favor of Sanchez. The average number if rounds fought was over 8. On the other hand, Sandoval scored 1 more decision with 27. This should be a close affair.
  • Matty Askin vs Menay Edwards: Askin won 57 of the simmed bouts with 20 stoppages compared to Edwards' 30 and 4. Edwards didn't show much pop with just 11 knockdowns. Askin had 58. Askin's chin held up well. All four of his stoppage loses came on cuts. 13 bouts were drawn.
  • Antonin Decarie v Pablo Munguia: Munguia emerged victorious 55 times. One fifth of these were by stoppage. In contradt, 13 of Decarie's 34 wins were stops. Decarie scored only 15 knockdowns. Most of his stoppage wins were TKOs (11). Munguia managed only 11 stoppages despite scoring 36 knockdowns. This will likely go into the hands of the judges.
  • Thomas Dulorme vs Karim Mayfield: Mayfield walked away with this one winning 78 times, 34 by stoppage. Dulorme could only net 18 wins with only 7 stops. 35 of Mayfield's 44 decision wins were unanimous. He dropped Dulorme 116 times and dominated the action.
  • Alejandro Perez vs Juan Carlos Martinez: Perez edged out Martinez 54 to 38. Perez earned 24 stoppages wins compared to 10. Both men stayed on their feet well. Martinez tasted the canvas only 28 times, Perez 23. With 8 draws these fighters finished two thirds of the bouts standing up.
  • Lionell Thompson vs Radivoje Kalajdzic: Thompson won 71 contests, mostly by decision (57). Only 10 of Kalajdzic's 24 wins were inside the distance. Thompson also had the edge in knockdowns 43 to 28. Kalajdzic appears to have only a slim puncher's chance.
  • Marvin Mabait vs Alejadro Hernandez: Mabait copped the duke 63 times compared to 32 by Hernandez. 16 of these 63 wins came inside the distance. Mabait (79) had 42 more knockdowns. Hernandez counted only 11 stoppages among his wins giving himself a slim puncher's chance.
  • Sergey Kovalev vs Cedric Agnew: 5 fights resulted in draws. Kovalev dominated the remainder of the bout with 81 wins. 30 of these camei nside the distance. Half of Agnew's 14 wins were stops, but he he could only muster 16 knockdowns, compared to Kovalev's 137.
  • Johnreil Casimero vs Mauricio Fuentes: Fuentes was overwhelmed by Casimero who won 80.00% of the matches. 25 of these were inside the distance. 51 0f his 55 decisions were unanimous. 12 of Fuentes 16 victories were stops giving him a puncher's chance.
  • Stuart Hall vs Martin Ward: Hall emerged on top with 60-34-6 results. 12 of Ward's 34 wins were by stoppage. Curiously he only scored 12 knockdowns, Hall's 56 knockdowns produced 22 wins inside the distance. 30 of his 38 decision victories were unanimous

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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