Billy C Boxing Contest - 21/2/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Glencoffe Johnson vs. Jaime Velasquez: We have yet to see a boxer win all 100 simulated fights, but Johnson came close this week, winning 98 of them with no draws. He won 68 times by stoppage (20 KOs, 48 TKOs), so it looks like he will end this one early. He also had 163 knockdowns to just 2 for Velasquez. Ouch.
  • Fernando Carcamo vs. Samuel Kotey Neequaye: With 53 simulated wins, Carcamo should win this bout, but it won’t be easy, since 32 of those victories came via decision (26 unanimous) vs. 21 by stoppage (8 KOs, 13 TKOs). Neequaye actually had the edge in knockdowns scored, with 105 to Carcamo’s 98, so this one will be a slugfest.
  • Miguel Gonzalez vs. Miguel Angel Mendoza: Mendoza won 78 times, with 54 of those victories via stoppage (15 KOs, 39 TKOs), so we expect him to end this one in the middle to late rounds.
  • Fedor Papazov vs. Petr Petrov: Papazov won 61 times, 38 by decision (29 unanimous) and 23 by stoppage (9 KOs, 14 TKOs), so he should come away with a victory, but he’ll likely need to go all the way for it.
  • Yakubu Amidu vs. Chris Rudd: Amidu won 65 times, 43 by decision (34 unanimous) and 22 by stoppage (9 KOs, 13 TKOs), but like Papazov, he’ll likely need the judges’ scorecards to be in his favor by the end f the night.
  • Akifumi Shimoda vs. Marvin Sonsona: We have never seen this happen: The fighters split the simulated bouts with 45 victories each and 10 draws. Even the way their wins broke down was nearly even: Shimoda had 33 decisions (22 unanimous) and 12 stoppages (3 KOs, 9 TKOs) while Sonsona had 31 decisions (16 unanimous) and 14 stoppages (6 KOs, 8 TKOs). We ended up picking Sonsona on the basis of his 63 knockdowns compared to 37 for Shimoda, but we probably could have flipped a coin too.
  • Zou Shiming vs. Yokthong Kokietgym: Shiming should cruise to a win, given his 85 wins, 59 by decision (53 unanimous) and 26 stoppages (17 KOs, 9 TKOs), with 97 knockdownds compared to 24 for Kokietgym.
  • Anthony Ogogo vs. Greg O’Neill: Ogogo will dominate his opponent since he did so in the sims with 90 victories. He won 57 times by decision (52 unanimous) and 33 times by stoppage (23 KOs, 10 TKOs). He also had 133 knockdowns compared to just 4 for O’Neill.
  • Miguel Vazquez vs. Denis Shafikov: With 49 wins, we picked Vazquez, but it won’t be easy for him since he had to win 36 times by decision (27 unanimous) and 13 times by stoppage (4 KOs, 9 TKOs). Since 13 fights were draws, Shafikov had 38 victories: 30 decisions (21 unanimous) and 8 stoppages (2 KOs, 6 TKOs). Knockdowns were 35-33 in favor of Vazquez. This fight will come down to the judges’ scorecards.
  • Angelo Santana vs. Henry Lundy: Santana should have no difficulty dispatching Lundy, given his 70 wins, 40 by decision (35 unanimous) and 30 by stoppage (17 KOs, 13 TKOs). Unsurprisingly, he scored 135 knockdowns vs. 22 for Lundy.
  • Jared Robinson vs. Amir Iman: Iman should come out on top, but he’ll likely need to win by decision, since 48 of his 67 wins came that way (41 unanimously). He won 19 times by stoppage (8 KOs, 11 TKOs), but he did manage to score 97 knockdowns, which is high for a fighter whose victories were weighted so heavily toward decisions, so a middle round TKO could happen here.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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