Billy C Boxing Contest - 14/2/2014

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Chris Algieri vs. Emmanuel Taylor: Taylor shouldn’t have a problem winning this one, since he won 56 of the 100 simulated fights, but with 38 victories via decision (26 unanimous), he will likely have to do the distance to do so.
  • Derek Chisora vs. Kevin Johnson: This was the closest fight we simmed this week. Johnson eked out a 47-45 margin of victory, which means this one could really go either way. The majority of both fighters’ wins were by decision: 36 for Chisora (22 unanimous) and 32 for Johnson (19 unanimous). The fact that neither of them had an overwhelming number of unanimous decisions means this will probably go the distance, and it will come down to close voting by the judges.

    Johnson had the edge in wins by stoppage, with 15 of them (3 KOs, 12 TKOs) compared to 9 for Chisora (2 KOs, 7 TKOs), but, interestingly, Chisora had more knockdowns, 34-20. Any way you look at this fight, it will be a close contest.
  • Tyson Fury vs. Joey Abell: Fury won the vast majority of his 88 victories early: He won 70 times by stoppage (31 KOs, 39 TKOs), for an average rounds per win of 6.8 overall and 5.51 per stoppage. He had 138 knockdowns compared to just 26 for Abell, so look for Fury to win easily.
  • Diego Magdaleno vs. Jorge Pazos: With 86 simmed victories, Magdaleno shouldn’t have a problem winning, but given his average of 11.07 rounds per win and 68 wins by decision (62 unanimous), this one will likely go the distance. He recorded just 33 knockdowns compared to 15 for Pazos.
  • Jeremy Bryan vs. Issouf Kinda: Kinda should win, since he took 70 of the simmed fights, but it will be a toss-up between a decision or a stoppage, since he had 37 of the former (28 unanimous) and 33 of the latter (21 KOs, 12 TKOs). He scored 115 knockdowns compared to just 12 for Bryan, so perhaps that’s the statistic that points to how he will win.
  • Roberto Castaneda vs. Jesse Magdaleno: Another victory for a Magdeleno here, and an even more convincing one: Jesse won 92 of the fights, 64 by stoppage (26 KOs, 38 TKOs) and 28 by decision (25 unanimous). He scored 151 knockdowns vs. just 23 for Castaneda.
  • Michael Grant vs. Billy Morgan: Morgan should win, but he’ll have to go the distance, since 60 of his 80 wins were by decision (48 unanimous). Of his 20 stoppage victories, 16 were TKOs. Grant only managed 7 knockdowns compared to 36 for Morgan (Grant didn’t win a single fight by KO), so Morgan shouldn’t have a problem staying upright until the end in this one.
  • Tony Jeter vs. Patrick Nielsen: Nielsen will dominate this fight: He won 63 of his 91 victories by stoppage (29 KOs, 34 TKOs), and he scored 147 knockdowns vs. just 10 for Jeter.
  • Micki Nielson vs. Gogita Gorgiladze: Nielson should win this one, given his 57 victories, but unlike many of the closer bouts, he shold end this one early: He won 38 times by stoppage (18 KOs, 20 TKOs), with an average of 5.63 rounds per stoppage win and 7.75 rounds on average per victory. He also scored 100 knockdowns vs. 57 for Gorgiladze, which tells us he should be able to punch his way to a win sometime in the middle rounds.
  • Esquiva Falaco vs. Joshua Robertson: This has to be the most lopsided fight we’ve seen in the few months we’ve been participating in the Billy C Challenge. Not only did Falaco win an overwhelming 96 fights out of 100, but he did so 93 times by stoppage (42 KOs, 51 TKOs), for an average of 4.25 rounds per stoppage win and 4.44 rounds per victory overall. He scored 139 knockdowns compared to just 2 for Robertson. This fight could end before the crowd gets settled into their seats.
  • Bradley Skeete vs. Christopher Sebire: Skeete came out on top in 77 of the sims, but he did so 56 times by decision (51 unanimous) and 21 times by stoppage (10 KOs, 11 TKOs), so look for this fight to go the distance. Roughly two-thirds of Sebire’s 20 wins were by decision too, so that’s his path to victory as well. With 60 knockdowns scored by Skeete compared to just 10 for Sebire, though, that could be the difference on the judges’ scorecards.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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