Billy C Boxing Contest - 15/11/2013

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Armando Robles vs. Alvaro Aguilar: Aguilar shouldn't have any difficulty winning this one, since he was the victor in 65 of the simulated bouts. He'll likely win via a decision, since 47 of those wins came that way (32 were unanimous). If Robles wants to win, he'll have to take the same path, since 23 of his wins were by decision (13 unanimous).
  • Dyah Davis vs. James DeGale: DeGale should also earn a win, since he came out on top in 60 of the fights, 44 of them by decision (32 unanimous). Of Davis' 33 wins, 25 were by decisions (18 unanimous).
  • David Tua vs. Alexander Ustinov: Tua will dominate Ustinov: He won 82 fights, 62 of them via stoppage (31 KOs, 31 TKOs), with an average of just 7.56 rounds needed for each victory. For Ustinov to win, he'll likely have to go the distance, since 11 of his 15 wins were by decision (10 unanimous).
  • Bradley Pryce vs. Siarhei Rabchanko (Sergey Rabchenko): Rabchanko should win this one easily, since he came out on top in 76 of the fights, split nearly evenly between 39 stoppages (15 KOs, 24 TKOs) and 37 decisions (31 unanimous). He needed an average of 9.28 rounds per victory, 6.69 rounds on average for the fights that ended early.
  • Jose Felix Jr. vs. Santos Benavides: This fight could go either way: Felix Jr. won 50 fights to Benavides' 49 victories. However, their paths to victory were slightly different: Felix Jr.'s wins were nearly split between 26 decisions (23 unanimous) and 24 stoppages (12 KOs, 12 TKOs), with an average of just 5.38 rounds for the win when the fight ended early. If Benavides wins, he'll likely do it by decision, since 34 of his wins came that way (26 unanimous).
  • Daniel Ponce-DeLeon vs. Joksan Hernandez: Ponce-DeLeon will cruise to victory and will almost certainly end this one early: He won 88 of the fights, 69 of them via stoppage (29 KOs, 40 TKOs). His stoppages came after an average of 7.09 rounds, and his 19 wins by decision were all unanimous. Hernandez's only hope lies in an early TKO: 9 of his 10 wins came after a stoppage, and 7 of those were TKOs after an average of 5.43 rounds.
  • Andre Ward vs. Edwin Rodriguez: This bout was the most lopsided in the series, with Ward cruising to 93 victories. However, he'll likely need to go the distance to win, since he did so 56 times (52 of those decisions were unanimous). Even among his 37 stoppages, just 5 of those were knockouts, so look for a late TKO if the fight ends early: His 32 TKOs came after an average of 9.12 rounds. Rodriguez's only hope is a stoppage, since 4 of his 5 wins came that way, but even those happened after an average of 9.75 rounds each.
  • Tomasz Adamek vs. Vyacheslav Glazkov: Adamek should have no problem coming out on top, since he did so 73 times, 43 by decision (34 unanimous) and 30 times by stoppage (14 KOs, 16 TKOs). Of Glazkov's 24 victories, 12 were by decision (9 unanimous) and 12 by stoppage (4 KOs, 8 TKOs). If this one ends early, Glazkov might have an advantage, since his stoppages came after an average of 5.42 rounds compared to Adamek's average of 7.83 rounds.

Some of the fighters above are not currently in the game database, so if you wish to repeat their fights yourself you can download his file from here:

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