Billy C Boxing Contest - 31/10/2013

For TBCB's latest entry in the Boxing With Billy C fight predictions contest, we've simmed the fights listed below 100 times each. We've offered a brief summary of each fight based on the simulations, or you can read the entire summary of all the fights, which includes a lot of in-depth detail.

  • Mike Oliver vs. Cornelius Lock: This will be a close contest: Lock won 46 of the bouts, 32 of them on decisions (26 unanimous) with 14 stoppages (4 KOs, 10 TKOs). Of Oliver's 41 wins, 30 were decisions (18 unanimous) with 11 stoppages, all of them TKOs.
  • Ola Afolabi vs. Lukasz Janik: Afolabi is set to dominate Janik, having won 91 of the bouts, 63 of them on decisions (58 unanimous) with 28 stoppages (8 KOs, 20 TKOs).
  • Tim Coleman vs. Zahir Raheem: Raheem will also dominate his opponent, having won 81 of the simulated fights, 67 of them on decisions (59 unanimous) with 14 stoppages (4 KOs, 10 TKOs).
  • Juan Carlos Gomez vs. Adnan Buharalija: Gomez will easily destroy his opponent: he won all of his simulated fights, with an average of just 3.63 rounds for each win. There was just one decision (unanimous) with 99 stoppages (33 KOs, 66 TKOs).
  • Jean Piero Perez vs. David Sanchez: Sanchez should win handily, having defeated Perez in 61 of the simulated fights. Sanchez won 30 fights by decision (22 unanimous) with 31 stoppages (9 KOs, 22 TKOs).
  • Richard Towers vs. Lucas Browne: This fight could go either way: Towers won 48 of the fights, Browne 47 of them, with 5 draws. Browne's advantage lies in stopping the fight early: he won 25 of his 47 victories that way, with 14 KOs and 11 TKOs after an average of 5.88 rounds. Towers, on the other hand, will want to last to the end, with just 10 stoppage victories among his 48 wins (3 KOs, 7 TKOs); he won 38 decisions, 30 of them unanimous.
  • Hernan Marquez vs. Giovanni Segura: Segura should have no problem dispatching his opponent, having won 80 of the 100 simulated fights, 54 of them via stoppage (17 KOs, 37 TKOs). Of Segura's 26 fights won by decision, 23 were unanimous.
  • Ismaikel Perez vs. Magomed Abdusalamov: Perez has the slight edge, having won 53 of the simulated bouts to Abdusalamov's 42 victories. Perez scored most of his wins with stoppages, having done so 30 times (12 KOs, 18 TKOs), whereas Abdusalamov's path to victory lies in forcing a decision: he won 31 of his fights that way, with 23 of them unanimous.
  • Gennady Golovkin vs. Curtis Stevens: Golovkin is set to decimate Stevens, having won 96 of his simulated fights. He will likely win with a stoppage, having done so 89 times (30 KOs, 59 TKOs) after an average of 4.62 rounds. Stevens' only hope for an upset lies in surprising Golovkin early: his 4 wins all came via stoppage after an average of 3.25 rounds; 1 was a KO and 3 were TKOs.

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