Importing Your 2.0 Universe

Importing Your TB2 Universe into TB2.5


by Mark Somogyi  

This guide seeks to explain the step by step process (with screenshots) so that everyone can import their Title Bout 2 universes into Title Bout 2.5. The import process has been designed to ensure that you will be able to continue your universe in the new version with no manual changes necessary.


Before going through this process, you may need to do a little prep work in your TBCB 2.0 universe.


2.5 is going to show the ratings for a fighter at pre/post/beginner/end as distinct, editable rating records, instead of having the adjustment hidden as was the case in 2.0. The sim will do this by auto-generating a new rating as the fighter ages.

So, instead of a prime 6 rated fighter still showing 6 at pre prime and being penalized during the fight you will have two ratings; a prime 6 and an auto-generated 2 to 4 pre-prime rating (there is a variance so it will be different every time you generate it).

When you move your universe over to 2.5 it will look the sim will look at all the ratings and if there is only one rating for a fighter and it is not a prime rating (for example pre-prime), the game will assume it's prime and auto generate a new pre-prime rating from it. It will also keep the aging calculation that is already set for the fighter.

Two things have to happen for 2.5 to do this.

1) Each fighter has to have only 1 rating. So if a fighter has a MW and a LHW rating, you will need to delete the one that you are not using. If the on-line database has multiple ratings for a fighter it will be easy to import the one you delete back once you transfer over. You may however need to add it back manually following conversion.

2) The CS adjust box (on the rating screen) must be checked for all fighters.


The front page of TB2.5 has changed, no longer on opening the game is a particular database loaded. The Front page gives you six options (seven once you have a previous loaded universe) the options are:

  • Continue Game Database Name – Opens the Database of that name
  • Load Saved Game – Select a database to play with
  • Create Boxing Universe – Opens screen for you to create a new universe
  • Options – Options screen
  • Update Data Pool – Updates the Default database with updated data from the online database. The Default database is used when creating a new universe.
  • Delete Saved Game – Allows deletion of universes from TB2.5

Import from TB2 – Allows import of TB2 universes into TB2.5. This is the subject of this guide.

Front Page

Step One – Click the Button 

To import the TB2 existing universe click the “Import from TB2�? button.

Import Button

Step Two – Navigate to your TB2 Universe 

You will then be prompted to find the fighters.dat file of the universe you want to import (you will be presented with the screen below):


Use the explorer window to find your universe. Your universe can be found in the Data directory in your Title Bout Championship Boxing 2 install directory. Once you have located the universe you want double click or highlight the fighters.dat file and select the Open button.


Step 3 – Enter Name for Your TB2.5 Universe


You will then be prompted to enter the name for the imported universe. This will default to the name of the database in TB2, but you can choose to change this. Once you have settled on the name press the Ok button.

Name Universe

Step 4 – Career Stage Options


After the old TB2 database is loaded into memory your universe will be scanned to determine if there are any fighters set with Career Stages other than prime with Career Adjustment turned on.


If you say Yes to this question your fighters will be imported with a prime rating and an adjusted career stage rating. If you choose No these fighters will be imported only with their current career stage rating.


This is an important choice. If you played your TB2 universe with the CS Adjust set on your fighters and you used Career stages or auto aging you must select Yes at this stage to get your fighters at the same status in TB2.5.


If you select No, fighters will be imported with no Prime ranking. This means if you intend to use Auto aging in TB2.5 your fighters “Prime�? rating will be auto generated by TB2.5 when required.

Prime Prompt

Step 5 – Processing


You will then go through between 10 and 20 minutes (and could be longer on particularly old PCs) of TB2.5 processing your universe. Please wait till this process completes. The current status will be updated on the status bar at the bottom of the TB2.5 screen.

 Step 6 – Complete 

Once the processing is completed TB2.5 will open your new universe and you will be presented with the Main Universe Menu screen. I suggest at this stage that you check all your fighters, stats, title belts etc. to make sure everything has been imported correctly.


Fighter Images


If you are using pictures of fighters, judges, referees, et cetera in your TB2 universe and you want them in your TB2.5 you must copy the files over manually.


In TB2 the fighter pictures can be found in the Program Files\OOTP\Title Bout Championship Boxing 2\Images\Fighters(Referees, et cetera). Copy this directory and paste to the following location - \Documents and Settings\User Name(or Administrator)\My Documents\Out of the Park Developments\Title Bout Championship Boxing 2.5\Images\ . Please note that the User Name will be the name of your current logged in user.


Below is a view of the image directory location for TBCB 2.0:

File location - Old

And below, an image of the TBCB 2.5 image directory location: 

File Location - new

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