Rating records

Each fighter in the database comes with a prime rating record.  Some, as in the case of Muhammad Ali shown below, come with a few non-prime career stage ratings as well.

Each rating record is tied to a weight division, valid date and career stage. The valid date is used in TBCB 2.5 to tell the sim which rating record to use when there are two with the same career stage and division. The valid date (seen to the far left) will play a more prominent function when the role playing game is developed.

In the case of Ali, there are three rating records available and his prime rating is set as the default in the file that is pulled from the data pool.

Default RR

When Ali is used in a universe and set to beginning career stage, the sim will not find an available rating record for that career stage. The proper career stage rating will be auto generated based on the revised career stage modifiers in TBCB 2.5. With TBCB 2.5, you are now able to view these career stage modified ratings and adjust them if you desire to do so.

In the screen shot below, note that Ali has gone through the beginning stage and has moved on to pre-prime.  The sim created his beginner rating record (see the 'auto-generated' line under the source heading) and has now set his default rating to the pre-prime rating from the data pool.

RR Pre-prime

When Ali moves to prime through the auto aging sequence, the sim will find his stock prime rating and set that as the default rating record.

RR Prime

Likewise, when he moves to Post-prime the sim will find his stock rating and set that as the default.

RR Post-prime

When Ali advances to End career stage, the sim will once again not have a rating available for that career stage and will auto-generate one based on the revised career stage modifiers.

RR End

Please note that as a fighter progresses through his career, his records and statistics will accumulate properly regardless what rating record is used.

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